Marketing & communication

en>fr  Product leaflets for a luxury motoryacht manufacturer
en>fr  Newsletter and advertising copy for a high-end decoration boutique in France
en>fr  Brochure of an international conference in the specialty coffee industry
en>fr  Product descriptions for e-commerce websites of beauty and cosmetics brands
en>fr  Marketing brochure of a fashion trend forecast company
en>fr  Sales video for a transport company

en>fr  Part of the translation team working on videos for the Jaguar Land Rover stand at Paris and Geneva motorshows
en>fr  Articles for the A-to-Z guides of functional and health food magazine Actif’s
en>fr  Reports from EU sub-committees of the British House of Lords
en>fr  Official brochures of London 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, with Parnassia Media
en>fr  Press release from a luxury shoe brand

“First-class proofreader/editor with a very good eye for detail.”
Everhard Hebly
, Director of Parnassia Media, UK