“Sandra’s translation work for
TheFreeDictionary.com has been marked by professionalism and a keen
attention to detail. She delivers
clean content quickly.

Steve Boymel
Co-Founder and Executive VP of Farlex Inc., USA

“Highly competent and professional translator who provides accurate translations and timely turnarounds. Sandra is always happy to challenge and consult to ensure the translations chosen are fit-for-purpose and make sense in the context of their location.”
Jamie Lawrence
Head of content, PADI Travel

“First-class proofreader/editor with a very good eye for detail.”
Everhard Hebly

Director of
Parnassia Media

“On each collaboration with our companu, Sandra Mouton demonstrated professionalism, dedication, attention to detail, and responsiveness.”
Viena Wroblewska
Director of
Aplus Translations, Canada