en>fr  White paper on drones and UAM for Egis Aviation
en>fr  Brochure about electric car chargers
en>fr  Technical specifications of luxury motoryachts
en>fr  Product descriptions of Alstom mobility solutions, in collaboration with Avec des mots
en>fr  User manuals for LED lighting devices
en>fr  Boat engine installation and user manual for BETA Marine
en>fr  Installation manual for wakeboard towers
en>fr  Client presentation about new packaging solutions
en>fr  Factsheets about airport and ATM service offering for Egis Aviation
en>fr  Case studies about pipe joining systems
en>fr  Trade show brochure about Marine Accessories Europe products
en>fr  Launch reviews about electric vehicles
en>fr  Web content about an automotive technical-data platform
en>fr  Product description brochure about workspace corporate services


“Sandra is easy to work with, professional, timely, responsive and most importantly inquisitive, which is key when translating a highly technical maritime engine installation guide and operators manual. Delivered a first class service and will be used again.”
Andy Eastaugh
, Marketing Manager, BETA Marine Ltd, UK