“I can recommend Sandra’s translation services. She recently delivered a French translation of a specialised piece of writing for us, quickly and efficiently, and we look forward to working with her again.”
Kirsten Smith
Associate Director
Gong Communications, UK

“Sandra’s translation work for
TheFreeDictionary.com has been marked by professionalism and a keen
attention to detail. She delivers
clean content quickly.

Steve Boymel
Co-Founder and Executive VP
Farlex Inc., USA

“As one of our contractors, Sandra provides excellent localisation work for our company in various departments such as marketing, customer web, e-mail content, in-app UI, and supporting assets. She is a reliable collaborator who integrates well with our internal team and other French contractors, offering professional feedback and attention to detail. I strongly recommend her work.”
Felipe De Oliveira Costa
Product Content & Internationalisation Manager

“First-class proofreader/editor with a very good eye for detail.”
Everhard Hebly

Parnassia Media