Education, training & HR

en>fr  MOOC for the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies of Bath University
en>fr  Parent information letters from the District of Columbia Public Schools
en>fr  Guide about school disciplinary proceedings
en>fr Translation of philosophy-of-science lessons & teaching guide about the theory of evolution
en>fr  Glossary editing on Washington DC public school system
en>fr  International recruitment flyer for a major Australian university

en>fr  Training material for a sales course
en>fr  E-learning courses about a negotiation method
en>fr  Website and brochure of a leadership summer programme

en>fr  Executive and employee incentive plan of an international business group
en>fr  Employer brand book of an engineering group
en>fr  Careers website of an international hospitality group
en>fr  Documents about the fraud alert process of an international group
en>fr  Internal survey of a packaging group