Culture & history

en>fr  Translation of philosophy-of-science lessons & teaching guide about the theory of evolution
en>fr  Proofreading of the official guidebook for a major British institution
en>fr  Translation of a MOOC about history and memory of conflicts in Europe for the University of Bath
en>fr  Historical and technical background of a painting by Degas
en>fr  Press releases and exhibition monograph for Almine Rech Gallery (Brussels, Paris)
en>fr  Document about Clint Eastwood’s film Gran Torino
en>fr  Translation of invitation texts for Katie Paterson Studio

ru>fr  Biography of a Russian scientist and political activist
ru>fr  Sung texts for two pieces by Sergei Rachmaninov

la>en  Excerpts from a 16th-century astronomy treatise (Peter Apian’s Astronomicum Caesareum)
la>fr  Treatise of signatures – De signaturis internis rerum by Oswald Croll (Francfort, 1609)
la>fr  Quotes in a philosophy book about Thomas Aquinas
la>en Parts of a 19th-century natural history book (Gerbrand Bakker’s Osteographia Piscium)
la>fr  Medieval deeds of donation from the chartulary of the Abbey of St Victor in Marseilles

My Latin work in detail

“I contracted Sandra Mouton to translate several 12th-century Latin charters that I needed for my historical research.
I appreciated how quickly she got back to me with a quotation and was impressed by the quality and rigour of the work she delivered. Sandra put her translations in their historical context and provided me with further explanations of ambiguous passages that lent themselves to several different interpretations. The result was a high-quality translation that was faithful to the meaning of the original text and useful for the purposes of my research.

I would not hesitate to call on Sandra’s linguistic talents again and wholeheartedly recommend her services.”
Thomas P., private client